Biography and Background

Wade Benjamin Coye is originally from upstate New York. His parents are fourth generation dairy farmers, a business which Wade learned about while in high school. He graduated from SUNY at Morrisville with an Associate of the Arts degree. He obtained his bachelor's and law degree from SUNY's Buffalo campus and was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1989.

Mr. Coye has a background in politics. He worked on local and state congressional campaigns in various capacities since he was a teenager. He lends his insights and direction to many representatives and politicians by participating in a variety of political forums.

Wade Coye served in the United States Army Infantry, 1/41st battalion, 2nd armored division. He served under the command of Lt. Colonel Frank Trapnell, Jr. and was a part of the team that tested the Bradley fighting vehicle. Mr. Coye's military service makes him keenly aware of the legal issues that veterans face.

He founded the Coye Law Firm in 1991 with the goal of helping consumers with personal injury, workers' compensation, insurance disputes, and wrongful death claims. From the beginning, Mr. Coye applied his interest in technology to his practice in order to increase communication and efficiency within the firm. The Coye Law Firm has won many cases on behalf of injured clients, ranging from auto accident victims to those who have been injured at major theme parks in Orlando. Mr. Coye's recent admission to the Washington D.C. Bar Association lets him help clients who have been injured out of state or those who need other legal services outside of Florida.

Wade Coye is married with five children. He is a licensed private pilot and he routinely flies his company plane to other parts of the state and country to conduct discovery, take depositions, or appear in court on behalf of his clients. He is also a certified scuba diver, enjoys playing soccer, and has an interest in real estate.

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